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At Pure Pizza, we believe our crust deserves the best tasting farm-fresh toppings that are LOCALLY, SUSTAINABLY and /or ORGANICALLY grown. Our goal is to make a pizza that is so delicious and healthful that everyone will make Pure their favorite spot.

The Crust

100% organically grown GRAINS

Sprouted Ancient Grain

Featuring a variety of nutrient rich grains such as: quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat, and whole wheat, to name a few. There is no other pizzeria in the world making anything like this. We know that even though most people want to eat healthful foods, they won’t do so unless they also taste great. Sprouting the grains before they are dried and milled into flour brings out the fullest flavor inherent in them, and also maximizes their nutritional and digestive value. This flour is sprouted and milled in NC by a proprietary method that produces, in our opinion, the absolute best tasting 100% wholegrain dough possible. We think that sprouted whole grain flour represents the next frontier in baking.


Classic Neapolitan

Made from organically grown unbleached bread flour, also milled in NC. It is for those of you who want the best version of the pizza you grew up with. Neapolitan refers to Naples, the epicenter of the pizza world, but there are many styles of Neapolitan pizza, from thin to thick. Ours is relatively thin but with a nice, puffy edge (called the cornicione in Italy) which, when properly made, tastes like the best ciabatta bread. We think ours does.


Gluten-Free Sprouted Ancient Grain

Made with all the same 100% whole grains as our regular Ancient Grain dough but without the wheat. All the other grains are gluten-free. There is no other dough like this served anywhere and we believe it is by far the best tasting gluten-free crust you will ever have, one that even non-gluten sensitive people will enjoy. These doughs are baked in their own pans and kept in a separate place to protect them from cross-contamination or contact with wheat flour. However, they are baked in the same oven as our regular pizzas so, if you are in the top percentile of the highly sensitive celiac community, please keep this in mind.


The Toppings

Our toppings are seasonally sourced though local and organic farmers.


The Sauce

Our tomato sauce is made from 100% organically grown California tomatoes, selected by world famous pizza master Chris Bianco and packaged with his signature by DiNapoli Tomatoes.


The Cheese

Our cheeses are the finest Wisconsin and North Carolina cheeses.

Our other toppings are sourced within the market or as close as possible.
As you can tell, we’re proud of our pizzas and of the choices we’ve made in bringing them to you. Please feel free to ask us if you have any questions about the origin of the ingredients or our method.

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